Today in the city Loxley 20.08.2017
Prince’s Estate Moves Toward Legal Action Against Former Advisers

A series of heavily redacted documents made public Monday indicate that Prince’s estate is preparing to take legal action against former special music advisors L. Londell McMillan and Charles Koppelma...

Wells Fargo vows to disclose all legal matters amid scandals, analyst says

Wells Fargo tells Evercore ISI it will "improve its transparency" and disclose all legal developments in its quarterly filings.

The Worlds Best Fashion Films At The Lajolla International Fashion Film Festival

Fashion Films are a little known but visually and emotionally fulfilling genre that is starting to create buzz. Find out about some of the directors and Hollywood Heavyweights that were in attendance...

Political Road Map: No one spends more on lobbying in Sacramento than local governments

The stereotype of lobbying is that it’s the exclusive domain of corporations and organized labor, groups spending huge sums of money to quietly but firmly flex their political muscles in Sacramento. B...

Does Data Back Trump Administration Plan To Cut Legal Immigration In Half?

The plan gives preference for legal residency to high-skilled, English-speaking immigrants. NPR's Stacey Vanek Smith talks with Abigail Cooke of SUNY-Buffalo about the economic impact of immigration.

'Local milk people': Donald Trump's odd expression inspires memes

Twitter collectively tries to decode what he meant by ‘local milk people’ in transcript of call with the Australian prime minister about refugee dealOf all the strange things in a very unusual convers...

Maryland Judge Nixes Local Ban on Certain Lawn Pesticides

Members of a Maryland county council are blasting a judge's ruling invalidating a local ban on certain pesticides on private lawns.

I'm one of the local milk people Trump was talking about and I freaking love milk

The Washington Post recently published excerpts from transcripts they received of President Trump's tense January 27 phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. During the conversation...

I asked 12 legal experts if the latest Trump-Russia news showed obstruction of justice

Donald Trump's alleged meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer has become a source of legal scrutiny, Vox reports.

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